Ice Skater returns after bilateral hip arthroscopies

Figure skater woman at ice skating rink.

As an longtime ice skater & athlete, Melissa has bad been battling hip & groin pain since she was 8 years old. After years of misdiagnosis and treatments she returned to the ice in March of 2023 after bilateral hip arthroscopies to treat labral tears and hip impingement.

Champion Ice Skater Returns To Ice After Hip Replacement

A former professional figure skater, Anthony was a four-time national medalist who started skating at age 6. His dad wanted him to be a well-rounded athlete and wished for him to play hockey. Instead, coaches quickly recognized Anthony’s gift and grace for figure skating.

Flamenco dancer’s passion for dance reignited after surgery

Abigail Ventura couldn’t imagine her life without dance. Her love for music and dance started when she was just a toddler. Fast forward more than 25 years later, Ventura is now a professional dancer who specializes in Spanish styles of dance like flamenco and teaches instructional dance at a local dance company. One day, she started feeling minor pain around her hip and groin area.

Chicago Soccer Player Runs Chicago Marathon After Hip Arthroscopy

Three years ago the Chicago soccer player and runner was suddenly disabled by left hip pain. “The sharp shooting pain was so strong,” she says, “I had to freeze. I couldn’t take another step.” Tests showed she’d torn her labrum, the cartilage surrounding the hip socket. Orthopedic surgeons told her to expect the worst. “One doctor told me I’d need a hip replacement within a year. Another told me I could never have children!”

Chicago Firefighter & Avid Athlete Is Pain Free After Hip Resurfacing

As a Chicago firefighter and avid athlete, Joe Simz was used to aches and pains. But, at the age of 42 he began experiencing a shooting pain in the pivot point of his hip joint and groin. At first, the pain only happened when he would sit down or stand up. As the pain worsened, Simz would stand all the time, even during meals to avoid the pain. At this point, he knew he had a serious problem.

Award Winning Jockey Gets Back In The Saddle After Hip Replacement

“I started feeling pain in my groin when I was 42,” says legendary jockey, Carlos Silva. He’s won more than 4,000 races during his 32-year long career. The pain caused Silva, now 59, to see a doctor who told him he needed to hang up his uniform, retire from racing and get a hip replacement. But, for Silva, giving up riding wasn’t an option, so he kept on riding through the pain.