Medical Tourism for Orthopedic Care: Why Patients Worldwide Choose Dr. Shah

Exploring the trend of medical tourism in orthopedic care and why Dr. Shah is the preferred choice.

What is Medical Tourism for Orthopedic Care?

Medical tourism for orthopedic care involves seeking the finest treatment beyond your local area, state, or even country. This approach allows individuals to access the highest quality of care, ensuring optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction.

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The Benefits of Traveling for Orthopedic Care

One of the most significant benefits of traveling for orthopedic care is the opportunity to seek out the absolute finest and most experienced surgeons for your specific procedure. Whether it involves advanced rapid recovery surgeries, cutting-edge minimally invasive same-day hip and knee replacements, arthroscopy procedures, or complex revision surgeries, often finding the best requires venturing beyond your local area.

When striving for optimal outcomes, it is crucial to prioritize excellence rather than settling for mediocrity. Doing so will ensure the highest quality of care and increase your chances of achieving the best possible results.

Why Dr. Ritesh Shah is the Preferred Choice

Dr Ritesh Shah has 15 years of experience with patients traveling from other cities, states, countries, and continents to seek his surgical care. From hip arthroscopy, outpatient minimally invasive technology-driven rapid recovery hip and knee replacements, to complex revision hip and knee replacements, hundreds of patients have traveled to have a fast and excellent recovery to return to activities they enjoy. Dr Shah has patented software, technologies, and instruments to allow patients to recover faster, safer, and be happier.

An early adopter of new technologies

Dr Shah is the first surgeon to perform hip arthroscopy at Illinois Bone and Joint Institute regularly and one of the first surgeons to perform a high volume of hip arthroscopy in Chicago. Doctors, physical therapists, and athletes routinely seek out Dr Shah for hip arthroscopy.

Dr Shah invented the 30-60-90 protocol with his anesthesia partner for outpatient hip and knee replacements. With this protocol, patients routinely walk 30-40 minutes after surgery, climb stairs 60-70 minutes after surgery, and go home 90-120 minutes after surgery.

A leader in same-day joint replacements

Dr Shah has been performing same-day hip and knee replacements longer than most surgeons in the US and the world and has taught surgeons in several US states and countries on these methods. His landmark publication on the safety of outpatient hip and knee replacement surgery using his systematic process has helped guide care in the US. It is often cited in numerous research articles.

He was awarded a clinical guideline award from the AAOS for his publication on blood clot prevention after hip and knee replacement surgery using a novel battery-operated calf sequential compression device that has now become the industry standard for outpatient hip and knee surgeries.

Tips for Planning a Medical Trip

If you are considering surgery with Dr. Shah and need to travel, he recommends scheduling a telehealth appointment for an online or telephone consultation from the comfort of your home. You can also send any digital or mailed imaging beforehand. Once identified as a surgery candidate, Dr. Shah’s team will provide guidance on travel arrangements, including flights and accommodations. They will address prescriptions and postoperative care well in advance. With experience assisting patients from various countries and continents, Dr. Shah and his staff are well-equipped to assist with all practical aspects of your surgical journey.

How to Make Your Recovery As Rapid As Possible Post-Surgery/Treatment with Rapid Recovery Reality

Dr. Shah and his team will expertly manage your recovery. With experience in treating athletes and high-demand patients, you can be confident that you will receive the safest and most efficient recovery possible.

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